Groundswell is positioned to opportunistically deploy its substantial capital resources and expertise to source alternative CRE opportunities, and by doing so can provide superior returns over an extended horizon. Groundswell is built small, lean and flexible to be able to execute a variety of real estate transactions, including but not limited to land and improved property parcels, portfolio acquisitions, note buys, joint ventures; brownfield, REO, and similar transactions. We are not a regulated entity (and plan to continue to operate as such), which enables us to rapidly underwrite and close on opportunities that larger regulated institutional investors cannot readily undertake. With a targeted equity placement of between $5 million – $25 million per transaction, our diversity, deep experience and industry relationships allow us to quickly identify and execute on quality opportunities including various product type and locations.

Groundswell targets opportunistic value creation and enhancement in Western U.S. and Sunbelt States with favorable demographic trends. We are not constrained to specific asset types, forms of investment or geographic locations. Instead, Groundswell seeks to uncover intrinsic value in undeveloped land and/or underutilized improved properties and to deploy appropriate levels of risk-adjusted capital and project expertise to fully enhance the value of such properties.

Our principals have weathered four different real estate recessions since the 1980’s, and as a result we understand the ebbs and flows of CRE investments throughout cycle, and know that very different buy/hold/sell opportunities exist at varying points in each cycles. We also studiously avoid broad generalizations regarding markets, product types and specific locations. Our analysis of each project begins with identifying inefficiencies or unrealized potential in the real property itself and its relevant submarket. We analyze the potential for an asset to perform optimally, and how to remove any impediments that could prevent implementation of our project specific strategy. For example, we may decide to modify an inefficient floor plan or site layout, add more building area where accretive, identify higher growth tenants and/or modify an existing land use or entitlement.

We continually utilize the results of ongoing market research to identify and underwrite attractive opportunities in our target markets and network through our broad array of long term relationships with market players including sellers, lenders, servicers, brokers, managers and various industry service providers. Our incessant efforts are to locate prospective CRE investments which merit our attention, our expertise and our capital. With regional offices in Newport Beach, CA and Dallas, TX and satellite offices in Orlando, FL and Charlotte, NC, we can quickly assess on the group underwrite and evaluate new opportunities for acquisition.

The collective experience of our principals over the past three decades includes the following commercial real estate investments by way of example:

  • Acquisition/Development of 390 condominium residential community in Miami, FL (Brickell)
  • 1500-acre mixed use land development in Aurora/Denver, Colorado
  • Development of >7 million sf of warehouse/industrial developments in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, CA
  • Military base reuse ventures in Riverside, Irvine and SF/Bay Area, CA, Atlanta, GA and South Weymouth, MA
  • New development of over 5,000 apartments in California and other Western U.S. States
  • Acquisition/asset management of over 20,000 apartment units
  • Various retail, office and multifamily developments in Valencia, CA (Newhall Ranch)
  • Larger mixed-use land acquisition, entitlement and development (various in CA, AZ, TX, FL, NC, MA)